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Do you know your Parenting Style? You should ! You could be reinforcing behaviors in your children that you’ve been trying to eliminate…

Parenting Style and Its CorrelatesDevelopmental psychologists have been interested in how parents influence the development of children’s social and instrumental competence since at least the 1920s. One of the most robust approaches to this area is the study of what … Continue reading

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Parents Post Divorce Adjustment Determines Adolescent Adjustment

Role of maternal functioning and parenting skills in adolescent functioning following parental divorce. By Forehand, Rex; Thomas, Amanda McCombs; Wierson, Michelle; Brody, Gene; Fauber, Rob Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 1990 Aug Vol 99(3) 278-283 Abstract While divorce has been associated … Continue reading

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Being An Effective Parent

Being an Effective Parent – Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence What can I do to be a good parent for my early adolescent child? Parents often become less involved in the lives of their children as they enter the … Continue reading

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Life Lessons and their Pedagogy

Life Lessons are principles that emanate from the “design and function” of the universe.  Pedagogy is the method used to impart those Life Lessons.  1. For every behavior, there is a reason. 2. Our behavior is determined more by how we feel, than … Continue reading

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