Parents Post Divorce Adjustment Determines Adolescent Adjustment

Role of maternal functioning and parenting skills in adolescent functioning following parental divorce.

By Forehand, Rex; Thomas, Amanda McCombs; Wierson, Michelle; Brody, Gene; Fauber, Rob

Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 1990 Aug Vol 99(3) 278-283


While divorce has been associated with impaired child functioning, the mechanisms within the divorce process leading to such an outcome have rarely been examined. The following hypothesis was examined: Divorce is associated with poor parental adjustment or disrupts parenting behavior, or both, which leads to poor adolescent functioning. Subjects were 121 and 93 young adolescents from intact and recently divorced families, respectively, and their mothers and teachers. Mothers completed measures assessing parental conflict and depression, observers coded parenting skills during a mother-adolescent interaction, and teachers completed measures assessing adolescent functioning. Although the magnitude of differences was not large, analyses of variance indicated that the divorced sample was functioning poorer than the married sample on all measures except interparental conflict. Path analysis suggested that parental functioning and parenting skills play a role in adolescent functioning following divorce. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)


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